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Inversion Table Buying Guide and Review

inversion tableSo you want to buy a brand new inversion table but just don’t quite know what model is best for you? Your not the only one don’t worry. There are literally hundred of inversion tables on the market, making it a difficult task to narrow in on which ones best for you. This quick little guide will help you choose the top rated inversion table. But first, don’t forget to browse for some reviews of top rated inversion tables before purchasing one. Let’s now go over the basics, your not going to get a high end luxury table for a few hundred dollars. You just can’t. High end tables come with high price tags. If you plan on using your inversion table on a daily basis, then it may be worth it to spend the money and get a high quality piece of machinery. If you only need to use it a few times a week, then a lower end budget model may suffice. Be sure to choose a unit that is comfortable. Too many times I hear horror stories of people buying cheap models that are very uncomfortable. Remember if your going to spend a lot of time on one of these you fit exerciseswant to be relaxed and comfortable.

Different machines are made of different materials. We all have our own preferences, but in general the higher quality models will come with a more rugged fabric lining. This means that it will have no problem withstanding abuse and force, and will last for many years to come. You can almost guarantee that if you buy from a reputable supplier that you won’t have to worry about rips and tears in the fabric. Some big names that I’m sure you have heard of are: Ironman, Emer, Body Champ, Teeter and a few others. These manufacturers usually provide a decent warranty with all of there products. If the extended warranty is available, I would definitely opt in.

Feel the smoothness of the swivel when buying an inversion table. Nice units will invert smoothly and will have a nice solid feel to it. They will feel sturdy and secure. Cheap units have a cheap feel to them. They do not invert smoothly, they flex under pressure, and have a low quality feel and look. These are the models you want to avoid. Trying out a model may be the best way to figure out which is best for you and which unit meets your needs. Some inversion tables have a lot of extra features that the average person really doesn’t need. There is no need to spend a fortune on extras if you don’t plan on using them. The prices of inversion tables have quite the range. Some low end tables can run around the $100 mark, while larger more luxury models will cost $700 + Nevertheless, You need to figure out how much your willing to spend and go from there. Look at all the individual specs of each table, and check out user reviews. You can find tons of them online at places like inversion table central. If your looking for other fitness information, has tons of exercises and routines suitable for everyone and every condition.